Jarrett Arthur, Jennie Trower & Erin Brown are BACK at Bloomfield Fit Body Boot Camp for a full weekend of EmpowHERment!  

“Learning how to exist in the world safely is an incredibly powerful experience.”
- Jarrett Arthur

Space is extremely limited!  Enter your email below to learn more and reserve your spot now!
About Jarrett & Jennie

We’re Jarrett and Jennie, and we are passionate (some would say obsessed) about providing practical, effective, and realistic self-defense and safety knowledge to women in a positive, fun, and hugely empowering way.

You know learning self-defense is important but you’re super busy, don’t know where to start or what to learn, and being a black-belt ninja who can repel down tall buildings using nothing but dental floss isn’t on your priority list. We get it! 

We’re everyday women, just like you, who stumbled into the self-defense world as adults and simply fell in love with how powerful the knowledge and training made us feel. That’s what motivated us to dedicate our lives to teaching what we know to other women; and it’s exactly what we work our butts off to make sure our students achieve from working with us: a refreshed and powerful sense of confidence, worthiness, and awesomeness. We don’t give you personal power, it’s already in you! Our job is to help you reconnect to it, or to strengthen and hone it if you’re well on your personal power path. We’re here to educate and to coach you, but more importantly, to support you in the way that’s best for you.

Erin Brown is an author, speaker & activist whose work focuses on women, healing and autonomy. She utilizes authentic narrative to promote empathy and compassion toward ourselves and others. She is a feminist, an intuitive, a firm believer in radical self-care and a coach. Unafraid to be big, in presence or in thighs.

Erin co-founded the I Am Power retreat with Jennie and Jarrett in 2015 and will be instrumental in guiding us through the feelings and fears that may come up during our training experience.  

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